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An all-in-one community for co-operatives

Anycoop is a mobile first service made for co-operatives and their members. Discover and collaborate with other co-operatives, buy and sell on the marketplace, engage with members and gain valuable insights with forums, questionnaires, training and so much more...

Happier members

Increase member satisfaction by communicating more effectively through interactive news and forums. Give your members a voice by creating polls, surveys and questionnaires and get instant results.

Grow your membership

With our global directory, anyone can discover your co-operative and read your story. New members can sign-up easily via unique invitation codes.

Save your valuable time

Get things done faster by automating engagement with members. Broadcast the latest information to your community including news, questionnaires, training and events.

Increase knowledge and awareness

Increase competence and understanding across your membership by creating remote training and assessment programmes, maintaining FAQs, testing member knowledge through interactive quizzes.

Increase revenue

Showcase your products and services to a global audience. Increase collaboration with other co-operatives by creating multimedia marketplace listings and integrated messaging capability.

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