All features under one roof

Anycoop brings together all the tools you need under one roof. All features listed below are available on web widget, mobile app and SMS.



Create and manage rich multimedia news articles. Incorporate videos and images from popular social media sources. Members can like and comment on articles of interest.



Create unlimited forums focused on different topics. Members can participate by creating multimedia posts and adding comments.

survey forms


Create multimedia custom surveys, loan applications, training modules, elections and polls. Broadcast questionnaires to all members or specific groups. Anycoop collects the results automatically and can export CSV format.

calendar event


Create multimedia events where members can confirm their attendance. Members can message the admin to enquire about the event. Reminders are automtically sent to confirmed attendees. Updates are sent to members when any changes are made.


Groups & Messaging

Members can send private messages to each other. Admins can send broadcast messages to all members or to specific groups.

market place items


Members can list items for sale using rich multimedia advertisements. Members can bid, barter or buy as well as create "wanted" listings.

frequently asked questions


Create rich multimedia FAQs and cascade information to your members with ease.

managing members

Member Management

Easily invite new members via automated emails. Manage user profiles and groups. Manage your member directory and admins.



Include rich multimedia content in your training programmes. Admins can assign points to questions and participants are ranked according to their score.

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