Serving the needs of co-operatives

Anycoop is purpose built to serve the seven principles that all co-operatives follow.

Attract and retain members

Grow your community faster by sending automated invitations in bulk. Members respond to invitations and access all the features using the web, mobile app or menu-driven SMS.

Democratize your co-operative

Easily create custom surveys and polls to help you build a truly democratic culture. Create online elections where members can vote on important topics. Use questionnaires to receive feedback from members.

Educate and train members

Create interactive quizzes and incorporate video tutorials and pictures. Assess members' knowledge on important topics and track their progress and scores in real-time.

Facilitate trade with other co-operatives

Use the marketplace to buy and sell goods either internally or with other co-operatives. Members earn and save by sourcing and sharing resources.

Reduce environmental impact

Be environmentally friendly by eliminating paper-based forms, surveys and questionnaires.

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